[openbeos] Re: Running BeOS 5 Pro under VmWare 2.0/3.0

VMware 3.0 beta will boot BeOS from a physical partition, but not from the
CD or a virtual drive.
It only boots in greyscale and it is sloowww. VMware 2.0 doesn't work at

If you have any better luck let me know.


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> Subject: [openbeos] Running BeOS 5 Pro under VmWare 2.0/3.0
> Does anyone have experience loading BeOS 5 and running it under VmWare?
> I want to do this for a number of reasons:
> 1 / I have Win2K running, tuned, and rock stable (sorry Other OS
> supporters).
> 2 / I don't really like to multi-boot, prefering to just run
> FreeBSD and Linux
> under VmWare when needed.
> 3 / None of the free OSes know how to natively interface with my
> LynkSys USB
> Wireless Adapter, and they can via VmWare. I can only assume that
> BeOS has the
> same problem. Please note that attempts to get Atmel to release
> specs to the
> AT76C502, the heart of the LynkSys adapter, without an NDA have been
> fruitless. So don't flame me about being too lazy to write a drive.
> I know from looking at the VmWare site that BeOS is not
> officially supported,
> but I was wondering if anybody know of anybody out there who has
> had success.
> Thanks.

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