[openbeos] Re: Init scripts

Btw if the Flash installer was that careful about the system, the only thing
it would have changed would be UserBootScript, since it's the place for this.

(and , hmm, yes I changed Bootscript already, but it didn't doubled in 
size :)

En réponse à Axel Dörfler  <axeld@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> > I'm more in the SysV way, with some folders, and eah scripts in this
> > folder 
> > gets executed, the order depending on the begining of the name.
> > This way if a proggy wants to hook in, just put another script in 
> > this 
> > folder, and it just has to check if the script exists to know it was
> > already installed.
> > 
> > So when in SAFEMODE, the sysinit script would ignore them.
> > And this one would never change, taking down all risk of damaging 
> > it by a faulty prog install.
> That sounds better, although the only thing I may need would be a 
> netscript :)
> Adios...
>    Axel.

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