[openbeos] Re: How not to actively prevent a PPC version of your software and write better code at the same time

> >I'm trying to compile various pieces of OBOS software for PPC. Here 
> > are 
> >some quick rules that both create better code and make my life a *
> > lot* 
> >easier.
> >
> >1. BEFORE you include your class interface file, do this:
> >class _EXPORT MyFooClass.
> Ugghh. This is *so* ugly. Isn't this a Metrowerks thing? Does GCC PPC 
> need this?
> >2. Please put an _EXPORT before all exported global functions, like 
> >this:
> >_EXPORT status_t MyFooFunction() {
> >     DoSomeStuff();
> >}
> Ditto.

It may be ugly, but until we are building exclusively on the NewOS 
kernel, it is absolutely necessary. Sorry :(

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