[haiku] Re: HaikuBox (think BeBox)

>If you worked out a deal between Haiku inc. & Lian Li, and created a

Haiku themed PC-A05N, then I would definitely buy it.

I can do quite a bit of the legwork on this, but they will want a large order 
(think 10,000 cases) to do a custom side panel and faceplate if we design it. 
Might be a little lower quantity (5,000) if we do the blinkenlights separately, 
I have contacts at foxconn as well when/if we need that many blinkenlights

On the short term i'll keep working on the smaller mini-itx design. Next week I 
have some laser time to do the cardboard prototype, and i'll have some actual 
photos of the concept. I'll also turn my attention to a micro-atx and atx 
 form factors. 

Anyone want a btx form factor?

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