[haiku] Re: Haiku Flyers for gsoc and new developers

Salvatore Benedetto wrote:
> is it possible for someone to make a (good) flyer for gsoc
> in order to spread the word in the accademy world? I'd like to place a few
> in my town (Pisa) in both engineering and science faculty.

Google has not announced the details of GSOC09, so it is not possible to
create a flier with the relevant information yet. The details are
expected to be announced later this month, so I would suggest to wait
until then before putting out a flier. Until then, the necessary info
can be added gradually to the website, so that it's ready (as in, as
complete as possible) by the time the flier goes out.

I have the data for the 2008 flier (somewhere), so I could simply update
it for this year. However, in the spirit of encouraging others to use
Haiku, I am going to try to create a new flier using WonderBrush.

Wish me luck. :)



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