[haiku] AW: Re: AW: Hardware Profile

>> I would suggest a Asus P5Q Pro as motherboard, a C2D E8500 as CPU, 4GB
>> and a ATI Radeon HD 2600XT graphic card.
>> The video card is working in VESA Mode but it´s very good compared with
>> older graphic cards in this mode. For instance you could open several
>> files without a problem.

>Thanks much, Ronnie.  Is this all current hardware, i.e., still being

>When you mentioned VESA mode, I normally associate that with jerky window
>movements, etc.,  is that the case, or is everything nice and smooth?


It´s very smooth, but some low quality videos doesn´t look good (you can´t
see the color gradient). You could buy this hardware new so I think it´s
current hardware. There is one newer intel chipset available so it´s not the
newest one.


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