[haiku-development] Re: xicon and executable scripts

Quoth pete.goodeve@xxxxxxxxxxxx,
>> I just mention that by way of confirmation that your observed results
>> match the code, and the code doesn't suggest (to me anyway) a way to
>> work around the problem.  You ought to file a bug report, I'd say.

> I assume you mean a workaround without patching the Tracker?  Do you
> see any problem with reordering _TranslateRef()'s tests?

Right, work around as opposed to fix.  The Haiku wizard who picks up
bug reports on Roster will no doubt have a much better clue as to
whether there might be any problem with this change, and where it would
fit in terms of release schedule.  To me, it looks fine, but I have only
a dim grasp of what I'm looking at.


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