[haiku-development] Re: Suggestion: Rename "Keyboard" to "Typing" in Preferences

> > +1 from me, I like that idea, just listing each input device on the
> > left and
> > having their setting views on the right. So if i were to plug in my
> > usb
> > mouse on my laptop I'd have the touchpad AND the usb mouse listed
> > for
> > configuration, next to the keyboard.
> Having touchpad settings separate to mouse settings is important but
> all physical mice should have the same settings as should all
> keyboards. The BeOS/Haiku philosophy is to keep things simple, I
> wouldn't want to have to configure each device I attached!

Except you might want to have a qwerty keyboard with a qwerty keymap,
and an azerty one with azerty... Mice usually have very different
accelerations so you might want to make each one corrected separately.


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