[haiku-development] Re: [PATCH] Affine transformations (BAffineTransform)

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> Datum: Wed, 15 Oct 2008 15:22:11 -0500
> Von: "Stephen Deken" <stephen.deken@xxxxxxxxx>
> An: haiku-development@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Betreff: [haiku-development] Re: [PATCH] Affine transformations 
> (BAffineTransform)

> I've reworked my BAffineTransform class with the following changes:
>     * Now located in libshared instead of the Interface kit.
>     * Based on libagg, similar to the Transformable class in libicon
>     * Shear operation is now supported
>     * Rotating / shearing / scaling now have overloads that take a
> BPoint for the center
> Not all methods defined by the libicon Transformable are implemented.
> They should be added before this patch is accepted; after it's in then
> libicon might be able to use this instead of Transformable.
> It should be fairly straightforward to use this class in conjunction
> with the webkit AffineTransform class.

Ok, cool. I'll have a look. Thanks for your work!

Best regards,

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