[haiku-development] Re: NFS fs driver preliminary (not yet working) patch


> 2. Patch breaks non-Haiku sections of the code. Is that code still
> required or can we remove it? Do we plan on backporting any future
> bugfixes to BeOS?

It's unlikely any feature will be added to it anyway.
I'd rather write an NFSv4 client directly instead, it'd support xattrs.

Support for R5 can be removed I suppose.
One can always get it from svn history.

Maybe we could tag last revisions of parts supporting BeOS before
removing it somewhere ?

> 4. Mounting fails before getting to publish_vnode(), in fs_mount().
> The function create_socket() fails with error -2147459069. KDL tells
> me that this is:
> kdebug> error -2147459069
> error 0x80006003: No such file or directory
> From the looks of create_socket() it is failing in the kbind() call.

the kernel socket module still tries to open() /dev/net/api driver,
which no longer exists as we now have a socket() syscall instead.

See src/add-ons/kernel/network/socket/socket.cpp


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