[haiku-development] MediaPlayer and BeOS Compatibility

I have been making some changes to the MediaPlayer GUI and I am
considering using the layout engine to manage the main window. I think
this will simplify the code quite a bit.

I would prefer to just do this completely and not have to add a bunch
of BeOS ifdefs. But then we would not be able to develop or test the
MediaPlayer on BeOS.

I am curious what the general consensus is for something like this. As
Haiku becomes easier to use for development it seems there becomes
less of a need for BeOS compatibility. But for the MediaPlayer in
particular it *might* be useful to maintain the compatibility to
compare our Media Kit to the BeOS one in case of bugs.

I am somewhat torn on this myself, but would be curious what other
people think, both in terms of MediaPlayer and just general Haiku
application compatibility with BeOS.


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