[haiku-development] Re: Localization of file names?

Am 28.02.2010 um 10:49 schrieb PulkoMandy:

> Le Sun, 28 Feb 2010 08:31:38 +0100, Michael Pfeiffer 
> <michael.w.pfeiffer@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit:

> * Using attributes to store the localized name in the filesystem and 
> displaying that instead of the actual name. This mean we need a lot of 
> attributes, one for each possible translation. Or a single attribute and 
> overwriting it each time you select a new locale. Both doesn't look right
> Any better idea ?

A third alternative would be to store all translations for the file name in one 
attribute (for instance in an serialized BMessage).

FYI: Here is an article how that is handled in Mac OS X:

- Michael

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