[haiku-development] Re: Building on OpenSolaris

For anyone interested: I managed to build Haiku although after a
rechecking the sources, using alias ld=gld apart from the above
aliases, changing the first line of configure from #!/bin/sh to
#!/bin/bash to avoid the error "The compiler specified as Haiku target
compiler is not a valid Haiku cross-compiler". Alsu sudo ln -s
/usr/local/bin/jam /usr/bin/jam.

There is something wrong with keymap stuff; for example, the build
system tried to use Solaris's "cc" for src/bin/tools/keymap source
files (while using the cross compiler for all other sources).


Czy ty orzeł, czy ty kawka? -wkrótce zdłabi kaszel, czkawka.
Śmierć szyję zaszyje.

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