[haiku-development] All sorts of query/index problems on fresh installs of Haiku

While setting up for SCALE9x this year, I kept running into the
problem described in https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/6085#comment:21

After repairing it with a reindex - I thought all was well - but
during the show, I kept running into other index/query issues with
email and audio/video files while trying to demonstrate live queries.

As you can imagine, this was pretty frustrating - as trying to
demonstrate the power of Haiku's BFS without it actually working is a
major downer :P

Interesting thing - after running ArmyKnife to create attributes from
my MP3s, queries worked, but apparently after a reboot they were toast
again. Same thing with email it seemed.

The only thing that seemed to work reliably during the show was
querying People files... what's up with that?

- Urias

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