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#6756: Updating status view after mouse click [easy]
  Reporter:  humdinger               |        Owner:  stpere
      Type:  bug                     |       Status:  new
  Priority:  low                     |    Milestone:  R1
 Component:  Applications/DiskUsage  |      Version:  R1/Development
Resolution:                          |     Keywords:
Blocked By:                          |  Has a Patch:  0
  Platform:  All                     |     Blocking:
Changes (by stippi):

 * priority:  normal => low


 This kind of bug is very common in many applications. Didn't check this
 lately, but until very recently, if you scrolled via mouse wheel in
 Safari, and you happened to point at a link after scrolling, the mouse
 shape was not adjusted and the status bar would not show the link
 target... until you slightly moved the mouse. An easy fix is to call
 MouseMoved() on the view after changing the contents, in order to trigger
 the evaluation again and reuse the code paths that are already there. In
 some applications, it's possible to introduce busy loops (cycles) this
 way, but I don't think one has to watch out for this in DiskUsage. To be
 extra tidy, one could refactor the code which is currently in MouseMoved()
 into a private _MouseMoved(), and call that one from both locations.

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