[haiku-bugs] Re: [Haiku] #4322: [Tracker] crash in BList::ItemAt ()

#4322: [Tracker] crash in BList::ItemAt ()
 Reporter:  diver                 |       Owner:  anevilyak     
     Type:  bug                   |      Status:  assigned      
 Priority:  high                  |   Milestone:  R1/alpha2     
Component:  Applications/Tracker  |     Version:  R1/Development
 Keywords:                        |   Blockedby:                
 Platform:  All                   |    Blocking:  5780          

Comment(by anevilyak):

 Could you try running Tracker with LD_PRELOAD=libroot_debug.so
 /system/Tracker and see if you get any different output by any chance?
 That might help confirm if it's indeed accessing already freed memory.

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