[hahs_63-68] ironman

Geoffrey Graham, Des Cannon,

 Geoff. Terrific, mate. 12hr 32m 23s. An improvement of 19m from Busselton. Improved in each of the 3 legs.

 I note the cycle leg improved 2m in 6hr. It seems that is the “rate determining step”. I guess that would be where you would be putting most effort in training now. The wind must play havoc with times in that leg. I imagine finding time for endurance training of that magnitude would not be easy.

 How did you perform in your age division?

 I presume you will be travelling to Hawaii. Do you get any assistance with flights or accommodation? Is the family going too?

 What I would really like to know is what emotions do you go through at different stages? Do you have a race plan that prevents you from deep pain? Do you ever stop with intent to retire, then recover and battle on?

 What does it feel like the next day? How long does it take to get over a triathlon?

 One thing I will advise, don’t keep setting yourself goals. You’ve already proven yourself. There aren’t many humans on the planet that have achieved what you have. You’re entitled now to sit back and write a book. You’ve earnt the right to go on walk-a-thons, you know.

 Des, while I’m in this vein. I have been fascinated with your European summer bicycle excursions, but never got around to ask.

 If it was from the point of view of someone who had just finished their formal studying and wanted to bicycle around overseas, what grass-roots preparation would you recommend?

 If you can run a sub-3 hour marathon, then training and fitness are essential.

 Is it best to organize a group of like-minded people?

 What considerations are there when selecting a country?

 Do you arrange through the internet for accommodation for the first few nights? Have you teed up a bike (with modifications) to collect upon arrival?

 What equipment is essential? What do you look out for when selecting camping spots?

  In other words, can you arrive overseas and then realize that there was something you should have considered before you left?

 Could motor scooters be used in lieu of bikes?

 Have you written a book?

 Do you hang onto the back of trucks when going uphill?

 Shut up Richard. Yap yap yap.

 Well done fellas,


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