Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams and Elton John were walking down Park Lane.

Kylie is flouncing along in her ultra high heels trying to keep up with the 
others, and trips sideways, jamming her head between 2 rungs of the fence. 

Stuck fast with cute little bottom exposed, Robbie Williams, quick as a flash, 
moves her G-string aside and has her way with the squealing Kylie.

When satiated, he looks over to Elton and says "your turn Elton".

Elton is quite upset and replies "I'll never be able to fit my head through 
those rungs"!!

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> An All Blacks forward was visiting his Wallaby counterpart on a farm in NSW.  
> They came across a ewe with it's head caught up in a wire netting fence (as 
> you do).  Naturally, the Kiwi dropped his pants and mounted the unfortunate 
> sheep.  When he was satisfied he backed up and said to his mate, "Do you want 
> a go?"  The Aussie pondered a moment, dropped his pants, bent over and shoved 
> his head through the wire next to the sheep.
> On 15/08/2012, at 11:51 AM, Peter Barda wrote:
>> And then of course there's the burning question, how do you make a Hungarian
>> omelette?
>> First, steal a chicken.
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