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While you are reminiscing the good old days and contemplating a spring trip 
through the central west, I suggest if you haven't already been there, consider 
a bucket list destination well worth visiting if not too wet- Cameron Corner 
where the post was driven into the ground at S and E. 
Three states have a common post boundary and it boasts clean low cost 
accommodation, pub and restaurant, and last time I was there a golf course that 
is being developed with 3 holes so far. 

I happened to arrive there on dark a couple of years ago not expecting to find 
anything while looking for a place to set down and camp overnight. I was 
pleasantly surprised by the number of people visiting and had a fun stay there. 
That day I had flown from Ceduna to Olympic Dam, onto to Arkaroola (another 
great place to visit) and had run into strong headwinds and ran out of daylight 
hoping to get to Thargamindah. 


> Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2012 00:32:03 +1000
> From: ricchap@xxxxxxxxxxx
> To: hahs_63-68@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: [hahs_63-68] Football
> Mac, Tony, anyone,
>  Just acknowledging that you acknowledged my comment re kicking. I thought 
> perhaps it was just me who slumped in the chair every time they squandered 
> possession. Apparently not. Even the commentators would raise their pitch 
> “they’re running the ball!”, but I haven’t heard them criticize all the 
> kicking.
>  That was the problem with the McIntyre system; if three or four of the 
> bottom-four teams won, 4th and 3rd were out after only one semi final match.
>  Glad I’m a not-too-avid Wests supporter.
>  I’m taking advantage of school holidays and heading north-west with a couple 
> of mates this morning. I don’t know what roads haven’t been repaired yet, but 
> as long as I get out of the rat race for a week.
>  Even at this stage I’m looking forward to a trip through the central west in 
> spring. Maybe someone can recommend a tourist drive viewing the canola crops.
>  Have a happy Easter,
>  Richard

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