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Hi Geoff,


I had a mobile phone for work, but never ever put it on my stationary or
business card.  Only a few close people who I wanted to contact fairly
regularly had the number, and I mainly used to call work while I was
commuting down from Gosford to issue instructions for the day - hands free
of course.  The other thing is that I did not want people to call me when I
wasn't work - I had already put in enough hours.


My wife has one but it is usually turned off.  We do find it useful when we
are overseas, doing different things.  We don't call but text each other to
stay in contact or suggest where to meet up.  Calling is too prohibitive-
the global roaming thing.


I always have found phones and particularly mobiles very interrupting as
people, when they ring, expect you to drop everything and talk to them. At
work, if I was in the middle of talking with someone, I never picked up the
phone, but let it go through to the answering service.  Why should the
caller have priority over the person you were already talking to?


Have fun with that strange device.






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Greetings gents and thanks to Tony for setting up this snappy system.  I
didn't report in initially because I thought Tony only needed a sample
response to see if it worked, but now I am worried someone may get
disqualified from the zone relay because I was a slackarse. Sorry about


And while speaking about technology, today was a very sad one for me.  For
the first 61 years and 188 days of my life I have survived without a mobile
phone, but today I actually went into the post office and bought one.  I'd
only ever bought stamps at the post office before, but now a bloody phone.
I was issued with a mobile phone at work and just tossed it in the top
drawer with the stapler and paper clips.  Every quarter the council would
get the bill and my phone had zero calls out and and zero calls completed.
I think the bean counters thought Telecom kept making clerical errors.
Apparently I needed a phone so the general manager could contact me 24/7,
but he seemed to have trouble contacting me late at night with a problem to
solve when the phone was switched off in my top drawer at work and I was
tucked up safely in bed.  OHS rules insisted we all had to have a mobile
phone when we went out into the field in case we were raped, robbed or fell
down a wombat hole but unfortunately that never happened to me in 40 years
of doing the job which was a good thing because if I was out near Wombeyan
Caves or Canyonbloodyleigh there was no mobile reception anyway.  Anyhoo my
good wife Barbara insisted I buy one for while we are travelling because she
plans to visit lots of churches and museums in Italy and France these next
few weeks and she may need need to contact me to organise lunch or something
while I am out and about enjoying a cool libation at a friendly taverna or
climbing up a hill somewhere interesting. You guessed it, I am not a church
and museum kind of bloke so we sometimes go our own ways in strange towns. 


I wonder if 61 one years and 188 days of holding off buying a mobile phone
is a record among our cohort?  I have always thought they were as annoying
as a leaf blower or a jet ski, but times change I guess.  However, I am
adamant - I am not ever, ever buying a leaf blower or a jet ski - arguably
the world's most noisy, annoying and useless inventions.  If any of you
openly admit to owning either I will personally ask Tony to take you off
this email list.


Now Richard I will keep an eye out for a Vietnamese restaurant in Italy.
There will be one there.  The most popular restaurant up in the Arctic
Circle town of Rovenemi in Finland is Vietnamese and I recall one of the
most memorable (for the right reasons) lunches we have ever had travelling
was a a lovely little eatery in Brno in the Czech Republic run by a young
couple of Laotians.  They are probably in France too, given the French
connection with Vietnam, but I guess there is no point saying ciao there.


And Chris how did you enjoy Wombeyan Caves?  Yes I did write a yarn a few
years ago about that rather notorious road.  Fancy it finding its way to
their kitchen wall. Must be a slow news kind of place to put that shit on
their wall.


Richard I'll keep my eye out for Dudley Good , but probably won't put the
house on it.  Like mobile phones I am not sure if I would know how to fill
in a TAB docket - is it still called the TAB?




Geoff Goodfellow

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