[gpsbug] WSSC Fall 2010 ad Hoc Race Series

WSSC Fall 2010 ad Hoc Race Series

We're starting to get a hint of the Fall breezes,,  so let's get ready to race!

 Proposed schedule:
      Each weekend 18/19 Sep -20/21 Nov.
 Organization: Ad Hoc 
      As we did previously, each race to be “organized/coordinated” by email  
the   week before.
 For those skippers likely to race this Fall:
    We want to maximize racers. Pls email me your preferences for racing on 
Saturday or Sunday using a percentage scale, e.g.:
      70/30 would indicate a higher likelihood of racing on Saturday than Sunday
      10/90 would indicate most chance of racing on Sunday
           (The first percentage will always represent Saturday)
      Saturday races would probably start mid-morn.
      Sunday races would probably start early afternoon.

Other suggestions to improve WSSC racing? Nothing above is in concrete so, if 
you have better ideas, let us know!

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