[glug-t] Re: Large files editing

SENTHIL S <senfunn@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I got to use an editor to view the file atleast ..!! 
> and to scroll thru them to understand the file
> contents
> The Vim works fine .. but iam not used to it .... 
> Will it do any good if the buffer size is increased..?
> or anything to be done ...

Emacs buffers _can_ hold very large files.  Quoting from the Emacs FAQ,

    Old versions (i.e., anything before 19.29) of Emacs had problems
    editing files larger than 8 megabytes.  As of version 19.29, the
    maximum buffer size is at least 2^27-1, or 134,217,727 bytes, or
    132 MBytes.  Emacs 20 can be compiled on some 64-bit systems in a
    way that enlarges the buffer size up to 576,460,752,303,423,487
    bytes, or 549,755,813 GBytes.

You have probably stepped on a bug.  If the problem is reproducible,
consider filing a bug report. Check out the Bugs section in the Emacs

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