[geocentrism] Re: acceleration calcs attachment

correction:  just asert your postion as logic ...i've already demonstrated not 
just asserted as you do that logic does not in any way support your 
postionperiod. The only hope you ever phil was with GR and the "equiv 
principle" but since you deny the validity of GR, your argument has absolultuly 
no bases in any thing observational, logical or any accepted theoretics for 
that matter!

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NO Phil!
He was only agreeing with your conclustion but BASED on HIS 
"CAREFULL AYNALISIS"! ........ but then again I'm sure he knows what he ment, 
let him correct me if im wrong....otherwise........Phil you need to pay 
attention to the discusion and Wake up and demonstrate not just aset logic!

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What?!.He most certainly was!........ By all means let him correct me if im 
wrong!.........Je states in that post "Without careful analysis,"......What in 
the world "analysis" do you think he based the non detection of a acceleration 
in free fall on ?!.......... NEWTON?! ..  Allen.  
NO! dumpkoff!  He was evaluating his analysis of what I had said....  and what 
I said was based upon sense and logic..   Any body could , and did and does 
know that an apple falls and hurts your bonkin. Newton was not needed...And in 
any case he got all his thoughts from the occult kabbalists with whom he 
secretly associated..  As did Galleleo..  The RC church was full of them in the 
woodwork..  They is out in the open now..  Like the coming out of the gays....  
go back lick some more wounds..  You lost. 
I deleted all the reams of garbage below..  Are you trying to overload Nevilles 
archive file..  

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