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Philip M
I reply only to indicate that I have read this post. I don't think any response 
I make would advance the debate.  
Paul D

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consensus   noun [S or U]
a generally accepted opinion or decision among a group of people:
The general consensus in the office is that he's useless at his job.
Could we reach a consensus on this matter? Let's take a vote.
THEREFORE AS REGARDS THIS ISSUE , Firstly it is an opinion. Secondly it is not 
a universal franchise for voting rights. It does not include the votes of the 
5,000 odd scientists actively opposing the CONCEPT,  it does not include the 
votes of the hundreds of ordinary man in the street scientists.  It does not 
include me. 
It does include any and every environmentalist spokesperson, leaders of the 
green parties, and many government sponsored organisations that do not have 
scientific qualifications. Its a case of perhaps a few hundred qualified but 
paid for scientists with a few thousand of their supporters voting..  
What sort of true consensus is that..  
Paul said elsewhere to put our case and allow the debate continue. Yet that is 
the essence of our case. Even when finally a professional case is prepared, the 
general public are prohibited from getting it..  a total media blackout.. So a 
channel that sponsors controversy shows it!  Reaction? What can you expect from 
a channell of that sort..  "We won't associate with that sort..  """  
OK you Say ABC will show it in July.  Conveniently after the last spanner in 
the works of the kyoto protocol is fixed, by the US and Au governments 
aqueisence. Further, the great majority of aussie sheep consider the ABC as TV 
for nerds. yet notwithstanding, this has not restrained the outcry from the 
noisy mob. Has any of that gotten on to nine news? 
In closing , you do know do you not, that the IPCC refuses to publish the list 
of names of the 2500 "scientists?" and government appointees (qualifications?)  
who are supporting contributors..  Not surprising considering the dissent among 
alleged names, one at least having to threaten legal action to have his 
removed...  the truth of the matter is that 2,500 gave evidence.. many did not 
agree with the findings , yet are listed as being part of the consensus..  
Some consensus...
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Philip M
Oh! Philip, you are a card! [:-)
I agree with your first point.
Second point -- consensus is not about accepting the status quo. It is the 
generally agreed outcome of a debate surely?
Third point -- I have real difficulties with this one if the hierachy to which 
you refer is human (I'm less sure about superhuman). For me, truth is what is. 
Very closely, it is what can be demonstrated. (I note you spelled it with a T 
and I spelled it with a t). (Ah! I've just noticed Compromise. Were you just 
lazy about concensus?)
Paul D

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Ja :  Your continued use of this is a sign of the superior, holier than thou 
attitude of an elitist! And that is not reasonable - except to an elitist. 
Paul: Now who's getting personal?
When a compliment is given Paul, don't knock it...  I believe in class 
There are three standards ultimately. 
1.    Compromise:=  sharing some truth and some error. 
2.    concensus :=  accepting the status quo, there being no substantial 
opposition, true or false. 
3.    Truth: =  hierarchial, allows for niether 1 nor 2. 
Phil. (elitist) 

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How would you spend $50,000 to create a more sustainable environment in 
Australia? Go to Yahoo!7 Answers and share your idea.

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