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Gosh Bernie!  It's nice to know some things never change!    I'd join in with 
the group but instead of working or caching, I'm headed to Memphis MO for a 
funeral Friday nite/Saturday.  Weather or not.  BUT....I have a cache or  two 
planned and loaded in the gps already.  I cannot drive 200 miles without a 
cache some where in there.  Though sadly, Josh is not involved this time.    

Bernie <happykraut@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:      Steve, thanks for the heads up, 
but I'll keep you on for now. I predict plenty of sunshine and a high of around 
70.  Bernie 
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I've got two things fighting against me.  First, I need to leave by 1:00 pm
whatever I do and secondly, with the questionable weather, I'm really
wondering if I need to stay closer to home on Saturday.  I really want to do
the hunt but if you really need a count sooner than later, you'd better
count me out.  I'll try to make it but I'd rather not drive 40 miles in bad
weather to cache.  Guess I'm not a true cacher.

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> -
> Well, what can I say. We all know that the weather in St.Louis is very
> unpredictable. AccuWeather only mentions rain at 11 and noon 
> and then again
> from 5PM on. I made a couple phone calls and we all agree 
> that I should wait
> till tomorrow afternoon to make a decision. We have 32 signed 
> up and I'm
> sure some will not come. As soon as you know(preferable 
> before I buy the
> food tomorrow) for sure that you are not coming, please let 
> me know. Anyway,
> since when is a true cacher afraid of rain. LOL. The cooks 
> still plan on
> coming, but would like a fly. Can anyone bring one?  Bernie



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