[GeoStL] Re: Another happy hour?

OK, consider it done!

Any powers-that-be here on the list who could add it as an event on the website?

I'll put it out there on the SLAGA forums, too, just in case anybody checks 
there.   I'm not on facebook but I understand there's a SLAGA page.  Any of you 
out there who do the FB thing, would you please post it there?

Woo hoo, warm pretzels and cheese, mmmmmm.

On Mar 13, 2012, at 9:03 PM, Susie Nelson wrote:

> Sounds like a grand idea, however, it's a little far for us to travel during 
> the work week.
> Surely others in the area would enjoy a monthly night out at what sounds like 
> a great place!
> Go for it!
> Susie
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> Hey there everybody!
> I'm going to briefly interrupt your discussion of Mysterious Treasure...
> The happy hour on Leap Day went so well I'm thinking of taking a shot at 
> making 
> it a monthly thing.  The folks at Shamrock's were appreciative of our 
> business 
> and super nice to us.  I'm aiming for the last Wednesday of March, 4-7 PM 
> (happy 
> hour prices apply).  Wednesday is quiet enough there that we won't have to 
> fight 
> for tables or space at the bar (and it's my night off). I'm not going to make 
> it 
> an official GC.com event, more like a Friday luncheon.  
> Any feedback?
> Susan
> Now, back to your 5/5 discussion 
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