FRTM - (no subject)

Good evening everyone please confirm your roles and Thursdays topic is goal 
Toastmaster: Paul Dalbec: paul_dalbec@xxxxxxxxxxx                   Table 
Topics: Lori High                   General Evaluator: Michael Bray             
 Speaker #1: Anselma Lopez      Speaker #2: Steven Dalbec         Speaker #3: 
Pat Haugse               Speaker #4: Amelia Autrey         Evaluator #1: Steve 
Sr. Dalbec                   Evaluator #2: Earl Allen                 Evaluator 
#3: Ramzi Dalloul         Evaluator #4: Adam Vesely        Grammarian & Word of 
Day: Tommy Maloney                  Timer & Joker: David Hassler                
      Ah Counter: Jeff Priestley           Inspirator: Luke Vesely              
   Quiz Master: Robert Baker         Greeter: Ankit Tripathi                    

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