[etni] Re: Oral Testing in another school

In all the years that I've been testing orally, I've always tested on
my day off.  We get paid for testing -- why should your school pay you
for hours that you're not there and for which you're being paid by the
Ministry of Education?


On Wed, Mar 26, 2008 at 6:10 AM, Michele Ben <mggben@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Our school intends to dock the salaries of the teachers on the day we go to
> do oral testing at another school.  They claim that we should be doing the
> oral testing on our free day.
> Is docking the salary of teachers testing at another school accepted
> practice?
> Do other teachers test on their day off?
> Does anyone have an officilal answer about this?  Or unofficial one?
> Thanks,
> Michele
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