[ecidadania-dev] Re: django-cities

I've been taking a look to django localflavors, maybe it's not the best
choice but you should take a look to it. It includes major provinces and
cities worldwide.


On Thu, 19 Apr 2012 02:21:13 +0200, Hugo des Longchamps
<hugo.deslongchamps@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Here's an update as promised!
> I finally got it to work, using
> django-smart-selects<https://github.com/digi604/django-smart-selects>
>  some Country, Region and City models, and populating the database with
> fixture (that populates automatically on syncdb).
> It's django native, so ultra fast!
> Work left to do:
>    - populate the accounts/fixtures/init_data.yalm file with real data
>    - Submit some modifications to the docs on the smart_select repo
> Over and out, going to bed, see you tomorrow :)

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