[dokuwiki] Re: darcs changes 2008-12-02

Andreas Gohr [02.12.2008 04:00]:
> Good Morning!
> This are the darcs changes for DokuWiki committed
> yesterday. Please test them and report bugs.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Mon Dec  1 22:55:39 CET 2008  Andreas Gohr <andi[at]splitbrain.org>
>   * Better creation of section IDs FS#1536
>   This patch enhances the creation of section IDs for number only headlines. 
> It
>   also moves section ID creation to a function in pageutils.php removing some
>   duplicate functionality in inc/action.php
> Mon Dec  1 22:23:46 CET 2008  Michael Klier <chi[at]chimeric.de>
>   * remove linebreaks from language files FS#1035
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Single patches can be downloaded from
> http://dev.splitbrain.org/darcs/index.cgi/dokuwiki/?c=patches
> Bye,
> your darcs changelog mailer

On my wiki (my webhoster runs "PHP Version 5.1.4-Debian-0.1~sarge1
(Debian GNU/Linux)" yes, Sarge!!!) this patch spoiled the "useheading"
option. I activated it. Since I pulled the patch, breadcrumbs and
youarehere show the "real" page names instead of the first title :-(
after editing. When you go across www.wernerflamme.name, you see the
"correct" pagename the breadcrumbs (» Homepage von Werner Flamme » Links
zu Modellbahnthemen » Meine Modellbahn » Digital oder analog?), and the
"wrong" name in youarehere (Homepage von Werner Flamme » moba:start »

BTW, on PHP4 (what was active until this morning) line 198 of
pageutils.php caused a parse error - when I replaced "&$check=null" with
either "$check=null" or "&$check", the error was gone - but in the first
case $check was not modified for the calling function and the second
attempt caused an error when editing a page (missing second parameter).


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