[dokuwiki] Re: Sitemap is not created

On Fri, 21 Jul 2006 17:06:30 -0400, Chuck Fender <cfender@xxxxxxxxx> wrote :

> I also have a relatively new install of dokuwiki, and I am unable to get 
> the sitemap to work.
>     *     I am using the arctic sidebar template, and
>       dokuwiki/lib/tpl/arctic/main.php has:
>       <div class="no"><?php tpl_indexerWebBug()?></div>
>     * dokuwiki/sitemap.xml.gz exist with a size of 0, permission of 666
>       and is owned by the same owner the web server runs under
>     *
>       $conf['usegzip?] = 1

I made a typo in my first post (a ? instead of a ' character). The line
should be:

$conf['usegzip'] = 1;

I guess this is what you mean anyway, but it is strange that this happens.
Examine lib/exe/indexer.php and see if the 'sitemap.html.gz' string is
mentioned there. Otherwise it is possible that your DokuWiki version didn't
work quite as I described - I had in mind the current stable version.

Best regards,
Thanos Massias

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