[dokuwiki] Re: Problem with ACLs

On 3/13/06, astra_gilde@xxxxxx <astra_gilde@xxxxxx> wrote:

> I have rules:
> start        @pup     1
> namespace1   @pup     1
> *            @pup     0
> (*            @ALL     0)
> Now they should have read permissions for the start page and they have it if
> they go to the start page by using the id (<wikiLocation>/doku.php?id=start)
> BUT if they use just the the link (<wikiLocation>) they get a permission
> denied (fortunatly if they click on show page they get again the read
> permissions because id=start is set again but unfortunatly a normal user
> doesn't know this trick)
> It looks like this is a bug in Dokuwiki.

Because this is -
namespace1   @pup     1
a PAGE permission -- not a namespace and you denied them access the
the parent here:
*            @pup     0

This is a namepsace:page1 permission:
namespace1:page1   @pup     1

I had the same issue last week =)
But I'm learning.
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