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Armin Ronacher schrieb:

Matthias Weißer schrieb:

is it possible to create a link to an internal images in some namespace?
  I don't want to see the image but I want to have a link to it. I
thougt about something like:

[[{{images:povback:povback1_high.jpg}}|High Resolution]]

which will result in an link to this image and not in a image displayed.
I could use the direct link to the image but if I could stay within the
DokuWiki environment this would be much nicer.


You could add a interwikilink pointing to the fetch.php.
Maybe something like: [[media>FILENAME|High Resolution]]

Could you give me some more details. If I do something like [[media>images:eagle3d:high_res.jpg|High Resolution]] it results in a link to google?

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