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> On 27 Apr 2010, at 09:25, Cédric Schmitz wrote:
> > Good morning everyone.
> >
> > Regarding your request, what about the ODF plugin ?
> > http://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:odt
> >
> > I am not a specialist but you can add your own XSL engine in order
> > to transform the wiki page.
> I've used the odt and include plugins to produce what will hopefully
> be print-ready pdfs for books of about 250 to 300 pages.
> I've written my own plugins to do things like format tables, format
> body text (left/right align, etc.), define numbered items (outside of
> the heading numbers), automatically produce content, etc.
> I  use the odt plugin (and a template) to export as OpenOffice as that
> has a good pdf export facility, TOC is automatically generated, as are
> various cross-referenced appendices which are created by my plugins
> (including a list of references).
> So yes, it can be used. Easily if the existing plugins do what you
> need, with some effort otherwise :-)
> I'm planning to make some of this as generic as possible and provide
> it as a plugin in it's own right. However, I've no idea how long this
> is going to take as 'real work' (TM) gets in the way!
> Chris
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Hi Chris,

Thanks for your response!

Do you have an example of what the output PDF looks like?


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