[dokuwiki] Adding new pages to a namespace, am I missing something?

When adding new links to a page in a namespace shouldn't it by default
create a link (and thus a new page) in the same namespace?  If it
*doesn't* do this then it's very easy to create a total mess of a
nice hierarchy.

E.g. I'm editing the 'start' page of a namespace fred:bert, i.e. the
id of the page I'm editing is fred:bert:start.  If I add a link like
[[home|Bert's Home]] I want it to be fred:bert:home not home in the
root namespace.

Is there any way to make DokuWiki default to this behaviour, i.e.
names are always relative without a leading :?  It would make
namespaces work the same way as paths do in Unix/Linux.

Chris Green

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