[ddots-l] Re: yamaha PSR2100

Hi Omar. 
Thank you for your quick response 
But, could you tell me which button is the sequencer? and how to do the local 
setting turn off? 
Thank you, 
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  You have to be in sequence mode, and also make sure your local setting is 
turned off inside the board.

  Omar Binno
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    Subject: [ddots-l] yamaha PSR2100

    Hello everybody, 
    I have Yamaha PSR2100 keyboard 
    I am trying to connect it with Sonar 
    I have made the instrument definition successfully 
    I have connected the midi cable with my Midi interface properly 
    However, I couldn't get the sound of the keyboard to be recorded. 
    I think there should be a button of sequencer to be pressed in the 
    Is there somebody who knows how to do it? 
    Thank you, 

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