[ddots-l] Re: Hypersonic plug in not found?

It's already in the vst plug ins folder.
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Isn't Hypersonic a .VST plug-in?  If so then, move the .dll to your VST
plugins folder.  Then, I would scan it again with the .VST wizard.
Then, try using it again.

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Subject: [ddots-l] Hypersonic plug in not found?
Hi all.  I installed Hypersonic on my new machine.  I installed the
content on my big drive and the rest of the stuff on the system drive.
However, when I run Hypersonic, a box comes up saying plug in not found.
All there is is an okay button.  No way to actually browse for it.  I
found it manually in the cake walk vst plug ins folder though.  Should I
try putting it into the cakewalk shared plug ins folder and see if that
makes a difference?

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