[softwarelist] Re: OvnPro for Windows

On 04/01/2012 23:24, David Pilling wrote:

In message <4F04DAF0.6040801@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Tony Todd
<tonytodd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes
Is there a list of these please, as I have both versions but tend to
use RISC OS for preference.


Windows has direct PostScript output, it has Unicode support, you can
move objects with ALT+cursor keys (there is a Gavin Crawford applet on
RISC OS for that). Font manager (font mapping), support for .bmp, .wmf
files, referencing of non-built in filetypes (like TIFF).

RISC OS has Artworks support

Thank you David.

A fine program irrespective of which camp one prefers.

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