[booklyn] Mon 11/17 8pm Jane LeCroy *solo* part of a Women's Reading @ LaMaMa

We haven’t done it in a long time
I want to do it again
We used to do it all the time
We loved doing it
It never stopped being absolutely fun and great
Why did we arrange our lives so that we couldn’t do it anymore?
Is this what it means to be part of society?
We used to fill our days with it
We used to fill our nights with it
Now, what are we doing?
Is it better?
We chose all these responsibilities
and the clock wakes us up too early with its ugly sound
We used to sleep as late as we wanted
Staying up and up and up
Seduced by the world
Seduced by the world still
But participating with other rules
The game we bought tamed us
Want to go back to the wild?
The shady woods where we played
and nature was the only clock we had with it’s gorgeous, varied, ticking
I am painting trees on the walls of my bedroom
but I want to go to the real place so bad
-Jane LeCroy  11/12/08

Monday night,
November 17th @ 8pm
La Mama: 74A East 4th St.
between 2nd & 3rd Ave.
It will be a smart party- so come & think & be WILD.
Here is the lineup:
Eileen Myles, Jane LeCroy, Ilka Skobie, Erika Jo Brown, Cynthia Nadelman, Velez Moore,
Sasha Painter, Tavi Fields, Lee Ann Brown &  Annie Lesser.

PS. TRANSMITTING is working on new material and will be performing again. We miss you. XO

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