[booklyn] Fwd: Looking for a new roommate.

Hi All - this is from my dear friend David Murphy - you can contact him directly if you are interested or know someone who might be interested...

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From: David Murphy <integratenyc@xxxxxxx>
Date: September 5, 2006 4:46:46 PM EDT
Subject: Looking for a new roommate.

Hey everyone, 

One of my roommates is moving in with her boyfriend at the end of the month and we're looking for someone to take her place in our apartment.  

We live on the edge of hipsterville, at the corner of Havemeyer and South 2nd St. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  It's a nice sized place with a big living room and kitchen. We're looking for someone responsible and clean who also has incredible credit.  Here's the catch:  Our lease is up Nov 1st  and the Landlord has insinuated that she'll renew the lease if one more person signs on to the lease with good credit.  So if you know someone with good credit, looking for a place in a very cool neighborhood for October 1st, we'd love to meet them.  The room is $575 a month and would be perfect for someone new to the city.

I hope you're having a beautiful Fall.



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Transformative Structural Integration
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Let life happen to you. Believe me: life is in the right, always. 

~Rainer Maria Rilke

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