[booklyn] DUPONT at the NYPL NOV 7th through JAN 25 opening NOV 5th

A correction was made today by Marshall Weber that the opening is on Wednesday, November 5th (& not election day, Nov 4th) FYI Felice ps This is a private / RSVP / invite event. So, please let me know if you are interested in attending & I'll start a list for YES's. Thanks.

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From the "Village Voice:"

'Afghanistan, or The Perils of Freedom'

November 7–January 25
Now that Afghanistan has finally returned to the public consciousness, Stephen Dupont's first solo show in the U.S. is a timely one. The award-winning photojournalist presents the facts with an artful touch, in haunting black-and-white images. A man's hunched silhouette is a mournful twin of the shadowed hole in the mountain behind him, where once stood the Buddha statues destroyed by the Taliban. A blurred shot of a screaming baby—whose face appears disturbingly inhuman—suggests both abject despair and the viewer's fleeting sympathy. In other portraits, taken by the roadside in Kabul, Dupont captures the weary dignity of a country beleaguered by endless war. New York Public Library, Stokes Gallery, Fifth Avenue at 42nd Street, 917-275-6975.

Opening is Nov 5th (Tuesday) w movie viewing too @ the drug addicts in kabul as the ultimate victims of the war on terror.

http://www.booklyn.org/artists/%3Ch2%3EStephen%20Dupont,%20Sydney,% 20Australia%3C/h2%3E.php

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