[booklyn] Credit Card Roundup!

Dear Friends-
I hope this note finds you well.
This year saw some experimentation with credit cards to fashion a suit of armour.
It required about 500 cards to make one Samurai helmet.
It will require thousands for an entire suit. Imagine how many for the four suits yet to be made!
Do you or your office receive weekly letters with fake credit cards saying YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE?
If so, please collect these cards and send them to me. Please.
A credit card suit of armour could be the result of this collective pooling of 'useless' plastic!
I am also investigating the possibility of getting a large quantity of cards direct from the marketeers or banks;
any one who might know an angle here would be of great assistance to the Credit Card Armour Project.
Please forward this email to folks who might help.
Many thanks to Duffco for jammin', and MRW + the Booklyn krew for saving cards for five years! Onward!
All thanks and praises, be well,
Please send all cards to : C.K.Wilde, 70 Commercial St., #304, Brooklyn, NY., 11222

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