[booklyn] Booklyn artist Kottie Paloma solo @ Rubin Chapelle

Rubin Chapelle
In Parts with New York Fashion Week
Kottie Paloma

The work in Brooklyn-based artist Kottie Paloma’s newest exhibit at Rubin Chapelle called GOLD and BROWN, includes drawings and sculpture. The drawings, depicting young, contemporary black woman posing on colorful rugs and striped mattresses brings to mind the works of Matisse, Cezanne and Manet with a 2010 twist. Most of these women are posing with 9MM guns and cigarettes. Paloma brilliantly juxtaposes fluorescent pinks, blues, and yellows while accenting everything with gold. The idea for his latest drawings began in 2008 while living in a loft at 6th and Market - often considered the armpit of San Francisco. They are drug addicted and abused women, occupying the residential hotels next to Kottie’s studio. This drawing project, originally called The Hotel Girls, transforms these women from battered to beautiful, yet still objectifying them as sexual objects lying in their bikinis and underwear. However, one gets the feeling that these women already know this and they don’t care. Tewnty-two hand-made soft cigarette sculptures (edition of 25) called Shortys, each one numbered and signed, stack the floor of the gallery. Another sculpture called Godiva, a small teddy bear, painted brown with 23 karat gold leaf reflects the nature of chocolate as an economic divide between rich and poor. Kottie Paloma GOLD and BROWN opens to the public at Rubin Chapelle Friday September 10th 2010.

Rubin Chapelle
410 W. 14th Street
New York, New York
(212) 647-8636

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