[blindza] Re: Assistive devices for taking care of babies

Hi D,


I'll check out the talking thermometer thanks.


Maybe I can use my liquid level indicator on the nappies..smile





Carel Ewald


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I never heard about a poop detector, only the onboard one, your nose.  In
the beginning the poop doesn't smell very strong, but it also doesn't burn
their bums so quickly, but the older the more potent and you will smell it

I used a digital thermometer that you buy in any chemist.  Only make sure
that it changes it's tone when the temp is higher than c37.  You also get
talking ones but they are expensive and you will have to ask on the blind
parents list which one is the most reliable.


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Hi all,


Our little trouble maker will be here soon and I am taking some tips from
other international, USA mostly, blind lists on parenting.


Looking at the local market, I have been asking Toys R us and Reggies, they
do not have anything specifically nor know about any devices blind parents
can use. Is there any assistive devices out there that someone knows about
that would assist except for  the normal stuff? Still on top of my list is a
"auto poop detector" if anybody is wondering.. 


The coolest thing so far is a infra red thermometer, which measures body
fever. One presses it into the ear and push the button. There is a small
display, which I am sure can be read by something like the KNFB on a
cellphone. Although not totally accesable for blind users, one can preset
the alarm temperature and it will make an continual beeping sound when above
the preset temperature. At least I will know when there is trouble.




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