[blindtunesbeta] Re: testing release r45 with windows 7

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I can use the store without the scripts running.  As a reminder, I am using
JAWS 12 latest build and windows 7 pro 64 bit.  I just cannot update apps.


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I am afraid that iTunes on windows 7 systems might not be working. Could
someone test this without the scripts on a windows 7 system to make sure
before I go barking up the apple tree about accessibility?

I think they might have broken it completely.


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Hi John.  I put r45 back on my windows 7 64-bit machine to test the broken
store and I'm sorry to report that it does not work.  Here is what I tried.


1.         After launching itunes, arrowed down to store and pressed enter

2.       Got some strange messages but pressed shift-control-w and was put
in the search store field where I entered a search term.

3.       Heard the store page refresh sound from itunes and "please wait"
from the scripts followed by loading page and nothing else.

4.       After waiting a considerable amount of time, I pressed
control-shift-e and was taken to a cleared search store field where I
re-entered my search term.

5.       After pressing enter I was told to "please wait" followed in
several seconds by the sound and by "refreshing page" and nothing else.  I
waited over three minutes and gave up.


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