[blindtunesbeta] Re: suggestion for column sort

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Hi John, there is something I was able to do when I had some sight that I
can't figure out how to do now, which is to copy an app from a 'Shared'
library to my library's apps. When I could see, I simply clicked and dragged
the app I wanted from a share library and dropped it in my apps in the
source list.

But now since the 'copy' option is not available from the context or edit
menus, and the initiate click and drag method doesn't work reliably in
iTunes with JAWS, I wonder if there's anything you could do with your
scripts for this, or if you or anyone else in the list has a suggestion
that's worked for you please post.

Many thanks for your excellent work with this project, you're going to
impact many JAWS iTunes users and we are all very grateful for your efforts.




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Yes, I can add this to the english version, but I would have to let my
translators know about this change. It will be available in the next


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John, your control-shift-c is handy but there is one option that I would
like to see in there. The sort by date added. This is useful to deal with
one of the quirks of itunes, namely the goofy "!" files that pop up whenever
something gets moved or repeated in the library. Also for duplicate
management. I use itunes on a shared homegroup network from a source server
with multiple pcs, and this little quirk comes up more often than not. Its
an itunes issue but I find a easy way to get rid of the ! files that are
redundant is to sort the list by date added and they all come up in a row,
select and vaporize.

If you could add this it'd be great.


Bill Spiry

J.D. Candidate 2012

University of Oregon School of Law



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