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  • Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2011 20:44:13 -0400

John do you think apple will listen?  how receptive do they seem?  
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  Hi all,
  At this point, I am against a wall for windows 7 compatibility. The object 
level code isn't working for some reason and I am working with freedom 
scientific to see what the problem might be.
  What I need is a volunteer with windows 7 and jaws 12 to test out this script 
to see if it is just a system issue on my end. Please include your email 
address in the reply and I will send out the package to install.
  I have also read about iTunes 11 changing a lot in the future and I am here 
to assure you I will continue to support iTunes with Jaws. Most of the code is 
easy to change for a new structure. I am hoping they will listen to my 
suggestions for compatibility and fix some standing issues with the iTunes 
store, billing views, sync conflicts, and general navigation quirks.

  Thanks so much for all those beta testing.
  John Martyn

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