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Oh, one more thing, the iPhone with voice over completely blows the Android
out of the water in terms of accessibility. Because VO is integrated into
the OS it gives you the whole Mary Ann, access to every control and app that
the sight dependent see and use. and in the native form on the device rather
than some adapted layover program. Android, because its so "open", has no
universal accessibility protocol and therefore your limited to accessing
those things an add in screen reader application is "designed" to let you
access. Typically programs like code Factory have tried to decide what types
of functions most users will want to use, i.e. mail, calander, music player,
web etc, and custom built an interface to substitute for the native
interface which is virtually impossible to use.  Bottom line is that you
don't get to decide, they do. 


With Apple, their app store is practically bottomless and VO gives me good
to great access to the majority of the apps. You will run into some that are
just too graphically based to work with VO but those are the exceptions not
the majority. You'll be amazed that you can find an app for just about
anything you can imagine you'd want to do, and usually you can find one that
is accessible with VO. Pretty easy to get very distracted by the iPhone. 

In my top ten uses, phone is probably down around 9 or 10 just because I can
do so many other things with the device and the phone is just easy to use,
simply don't have to think about it.

Here's a few. Audio books, I read constantly and I can download books from
Bookshare, audible, RFB&D, and many others. For audio books the controls are
wonderful and easy to use making reading as easy as listening to music. File
access via Dropbox, my drop box account integrates completely with my iphone
so that I have instant access to every one of my critical files on all my
devices including my iPhone, my PC, my laptop and any other random computer
that I log into. I can pull up and read, edit and create text and word docs,
PDFS, HTML, etc, basically anything from my phone and any revisions I make
are instantly on my PC as well (kind of a heavy pitch for DropBox too, I
love it). Music, I have a subscription to iMatch from Apple on the cloud,
Ooh baby this is huge! Short version, all my music (like 15,000 songs  are
uploaded to the iCloud and from there I can access them on all my devices
with itunes or OS. Basically, I've got my entire music collection in my
pocket any time any where and access is excellent to it all, it's the best
music control I've ever had.

GPS - I've got Navgon and Tom-Tom which are top noch GPS with decent
accessibility. Accuracy could be better walking, sometimes gets confusing,
but that is a app design issue not an accessibility issue. I also have
Sindero Look around which is a great highly accessible navigation app, but
it doesn't give the waypoint navigation function that the other two do
however. There are many other off the shelf location apps that work well to.


Mail and calendar. The OS versions are great and very usable and Accessible 


SIRI Voice control - way way awsoime. Set appointments, look stuff up on the
web, ask weird questions, draft and send text messages and emails, set
alarms, play music, etc, all controlled by voice. And make calls by voice.
Still beta for Apple but already huge.


Web surfing - completely accessible with excellent controls in VO.


Goofy and fun games, special frunction apps (like bar code readers and color
detection), OCR apps, text editors, online radio, Altimeters and speed, Etc.
etc. etc.


John, no competition between Android and iPhone and don't let anyone try to
convince you otherwise. Apples figured this one out.



decide wat  that with 


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Hi all,

It turns out that I will be getting an iPhone soon and I have some questions
about it and its user friendliness.

1.       Can you hear who is calling you when it rings?

2.       Can you easily add contacts from the recent calls section?

3.       With the one touch dialing option where you can speak who you are
calling, how does it handle multiple numbers under that contact?

4.       Can you easily add contacts manually adding them in?

5.       What are your options for syncing contacts other than iTunes?

6.       Can you get the iPhone using Verizon without getting the data plan?


Thanks for your responses. It will make my decision between this and the
android with accessibility add ons. 


John Martyn


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