[blindtunesbeta] Cd Burning Nghtmares

  • From: Marvin Hunkin <startrekcafe@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: BlindtunesBeta@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2011 16:25:09 +1100

tried to burn a cd using express burn and windows explorer.
but cannot burn.
i have a cd-r, not formatted, 702 mb disk.
and when i try to burn in express burn, says it is trying to write 707 mb, when i have 702 mb, just checked.
now, windows explorer is having a fit.
not liking to burn.
saying there is not enough space.
and all my cds are 702, and have had no problems burning up until now.
would a shutdown and restart, fix this problem.
this is pissing me off real bad.
tried four or five or nine times.
was able to burn the last cd, but had two tracks, by the same artist.
and do not like to have the same artist, more then once.
on the cd.
so help me out.
i could try it in windows media player, but a more complex process to burn.
please help me out.
this is giving me a headache.

ps: so how do i burn a data cd using itunes.
with jaws, and your scripts.
please help me out.

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