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You can buy a rack from Wal-Mart or other places with little fingers that
stick up in the front and back to keep logs from rolling out.  I've done it
myself but I always had the wife to keep an eye on it to make sure sparks,
etc didn't pop out.


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I do not live in a place where I can burn wood now but when I did live out
in the country I had some questions about keeping a fire.
1 How do you pile or stack a wood pile where it is safe to be around?
2 Can a blind person use a wood splitter, and are there better ones for us
to use? I have heard of gas and electric powered ones.I have also tried to
use an ax, a sledge and wedges but that was too hard to mess with.
3 do they make a universal wood grate that you can place in a fire place or
a wood stove that will help you stack the kindling woods and biger logs for
building a fire? when I use to build a fire I would place small kindling
wood on the bottom and place the logs on top with paper all through the
stack, but it was hell starting a good fire.
I know also that I really didn't have good hard wood to burn either. Just
some pine logs for the main fire and some scraps from furniture factorys for

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